Contemporary Global Studies, B.A.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting new students in the program as of Summer 2017.

Where politics, business and history meet.

How does culture affect democracy? How does democracy affect government? How does government affect globalization, international trade and human rights?

Contemporary Global Studies delves into an interdisciplinary curriculum which explores the interconnectivity of politics, economics and history - addressing such issues such as:
  • The effects of interglobal politics on the realities of doing business
  • International political systems, ideologies and policies
  • The role of government in the global economy
  • Political and economic relationships between countries
Study Abroad Opportunities
Many Contemporary Global Studies degree students take advantage of study abroad opportunities in Switzerland, Ireland, London, Mexico and more.

Life after Lewis
A Contemporary Global Studies degree is the perfect preparation for a wide range of career options, including business, government and law.

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