Computer Science, B.S.

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Will you be one of your generation's great inventors?

"All the real entrepreneurs are studying computer science, because that's where the new game-changers are being born..."

When you look at the innovations fundamentally changing how we learn, work and play, they are all coming out of Computer Science. When you look at the world's leading companies, more and more of them have their starts with Computer Science graduates at the helm.

To some, it's surprising. But, it makes perfect sense. Part math, part engineering, Computer Science is 100% problem solving. With a computer science degree from Lewis University, you will acquire both the technical skills and problem solving strategies necessary to provide solutions to real-world problems. With a computer science degree you will learn:
Video Game Development program; Computer and Network Security program; Mobile Computing Technologies program
  • How computer systems work and process information
  • Programming languages, techniques and applications for a variety of platforms, including mobile and cloud solutions
  • How to implement artificial intelligence in applications to make software users more productive
  • Network and database design, security and implementation
  • Problem-solving algorithm design
  • Data mining and forensics
  • How technology provides solutions for everyday life
Why Lewis for Your Computer Science Degree?
  • Great reputation in the industry
  • Brand new facilities, including a networking and security lab, and a mobile applications lab
  • Access to the latest versions of commercial and open-source software
  • One of Princeton Review's Top 50 Undergraduate Schools to Study Video Game Design
  • Avg. Class Size = 10 students, for high interaction with our experienced faculty
  • Internship co-op program with Argonne National Laboratory and several other employers
  • Hands-on projects for multiple industries and organizations, with a heavy emphasis on service
Plus, choose a specialization to focus your curriculum on your specific career goals and professional interests:

Computer and Network Security
Learn to meet modern-day data challenges as a data forensics expert, penetration tester, network designer, intrusion detection specialist, and all-around cyber security expert.

Video Game Development
What's more rewarding than beating a video game? Creating them. Learn to create 2D and 3D environments, stunning graphics, visual effects and reactive gameplay on a variety of platforms.

Distributed and Mobile Computing Technologies
As we enter the era of ubiquitous computing, you will learn how to create applications and software architecture that can efficiently deal with large quantities of data, in a distributed manner, and with unrivaled accessibility.

Simulation of Scientific Systems
Learn to help scientists test smarter, by creating realistic system models before they commit to expensive lab resources.

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Computer Science, B.A.
The Computer Science, B.A. degree provides an alternative for some students, requiring fewer credit hours, particularly in mathematics. Some employers and graduate schools prefer the Bachelor of Science degree to the Bachelor of Arts, but certainly not all.

Start planning your curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science today!

5-Year B.S. to MSIS Fast-Track
For well-qualified students interested in Information Security, we offer a MSIS fast-track program, which enables you to earn both your Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and your Master of Science in Information Security in only five years.

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Student Talk

  • Laura Zukoski

    Laura Zukoski explains how all the lessons she learns in her Computer Science classes are "real world applicable." She feels she has acquired a "solid understanding of basic programming concepts."

  • Steven Day

    "The instructors are really into Computer Science - they're passionate about what they teach. There are a lot of resources here to help students become good at what they want to do."

  • Dennis Stachura

    "There are so many classes to pick from - whether you are more involved in designing applications, or designing videogames, or even designing applications for your phones."