College of Education

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Lauren Hoffman

Name: Dr. Lauren Hoffman
Title: Professor/Program Director
Program: Educational Leadership
Office Location: DL 132D
Phone: (815) 836-5501

Lauren P. Hoffman is Professor and Director of the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois. Her research interests lie in critical qualitative inquiry, posthumanism, and reconceptualizing the orientation of transformative leadership to address the most pressing educational, social, and political issues in education, community, and society.

Educational Background:
Ed.D. Indiana University May 2000, “Navigating Policy Tensions in Complex Times:  An Unfinished Story”
M.A.T. Indiana University 1973
B.S. Speech and Language Pathology Indiana University 1972
Post-Graduate Administration Certificate Purdue University 1978

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