Mission of the College of Education

In keeping with the University Mission, the College of Education is committed to enacting the values of knowledge, justice, association, wisdom and fidelity through the teaching and scholarship of the faculty, design of academic programs, content of the curriculum, focus of school partnerships and service to the larger community. A culture of critique, possibility and inquiry is fostered where students and faculty recognize the political, social, moral and economic dimensions of education, submit their own beliefs and understandings to scrutiny, challenge dominant discourses and understand their responsibility as a social advocate for all students, especially the marginalized. This mission requires students and faculty to engage in ongoing reflection and dialogue while maintaining a willingness to wrestle with this difficult and complex work.

In order to develop learning communities, students, faculty and local school personnel should value diverse perspectives, collaborative decision-making and interactive learning experiences. The College of Education through the pre-service, advanced and professional education programs encourages the development and practice of these integrated components.