Lowell Stahl Center For Entrepreneurship & Real Estate

Stahl Business Plan Competition

Competition Structure

The Stahl Business Plan Competition is structured in three phases to help individuals or teams develop their plans in both a collaborative and competitive environment.
  • Phase I is an optional phase that allows participants to receive feedback on a variety of ideas. In Phase I, students attend a Info Session (see schedule for dates), after the session they are assigned a mentor to review and comment on the idea submission.
  • Phase II is the first competitive phase of the competition. Business Plans will be submitted via email to Kristin Nance nancekr@lewisu.edu. Business Plans are then reviewed by a panel of judges. The top 3 teams will advance to the next phase. Phase II deadline is Monday, March 31, 2014 @4PM (CST).
  • Phase III is the final stage of the competition. The top 3 teams will present their plan to a panel of judges. Phase III is the last round and the winning team will receive $5,000 cash to jump start their businesses as well as receive regional press recognition.

  • Final Round Presentation Format (invitation only)
    Formal Presentation - 20 minutes
    Question and Answer - 10 minutes
    Feedback - 10 minutes
    Deliberation - 5 minute
Grand Prize: $5,000 prize*

* Prize money must be used on business expenses or school expenses only.

Runner-up Prizes
  • A plaque of Achievement
  • Elective Credit
  • Detailed Critic from the judges
  • A chance to re-submit their plan at the next competition.

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