Dr. Jason Keleher
Assistant Professor and Chair
Personal Research Website

1994 B.S. in Chemistry Clarkson University
2001 M.S. in Chemistry Clarkson University
2004 Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry/Materials, Clarkson University
 Br. Pierre St. Raymond, FSC

1990 Ph.D., University of Maryland-College Park
1977 B.S., College of Santa Fe
 Dr. Teresa Bixby
Assistant Professor

2009 Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
2006 M.S., University of Washington, Seattle
2003 B.S., Susquehanna University
Dr. Chris Condeiu
Assistant Professor

1997 Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Daniel Kissel
Assistant Professor

2014 Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago
2009 M.S., University of North Carolina-Wilmington
2007 B.S., Butler University

Dr. Samar Makhlouf
Assistant Professor

1982 Ph.D., American University of Beirut
1979 M.S. American University of Beirut
Mary Charles

1989 M.S., Washington University
1989 B.S., Washington University
1986 B.A., Illinois Wesleyan University