Graduate Course Catalog 2007-2009

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Total Credit Hours: 30

See pages 88-89 for complete admission requirements.

I. Core courses: (24)

No transfer credit accepted
    51-538 School Law for Administrators (3)
    51-548 Educational Organization and Administration (3)
    51-558 School Finance and Business Management (3)
    51-578 The Principalship (3)
    51-588 Administrative Practicum (3)
    51-622 Ethical and Moral Foundations of Educational Leadership (3)
    51-656 Curriculum and School Improvement (3)
    51-675 Research for School Leaders (3)

II. Non-core courses: (6)

Transfer credit accepted

A maximum of six semester hours may be accepted for transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution, earned within the last five years, with no grade lower than a B; transcript must be accompanied by a performance portfolio indicating that the courses requested for transfer have addressed the appropriate ISBE standards.

51-576               Social Foundations of Education (3)
    *(SPED majors substitute 51-581: Supervision and Administration of Special Education)51-577 Staff Development (3)

Total credit hours required for the Certificate of Advanced Study degree: 30

Plus: Comprehensive Exam Clinical hours

Candidates for the General Administration (Type 75) Certificate are required to fulfill 100 clinical hours. Each syllabus in the program contains a list of appropriate ISBE standards to guide clinical hour experiences.