Graduate Course Catalog 2007-2009

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This is a Master’s degree program, which is aligned with state and national standards and the Standards for Technology by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

This 30 semester hour program will address teachers’ needs and desires by empowering them with the knowledge and instructional strategies to effectively integrate technology into a standards-based curriculum in schools.

The main objectives of this M.Ed. program are:

• To evaluate existing hardware and software resources in P-12 schools.

• To integrate technology resources to improve learning and teaching in the most effective ways.

• To design and develop instructional material and/or learning environments to support the needs of diverse populations, including at-risk students and students with disabilities.

• To plan, implement and evaluate instructional technology use in instruction.

• To understand ethical, legal and responsible technology use in instruction.

See pages 87-88 for complete admission requirements.

I. Education Core Courses (6)
    53-535 Methods and Techniques of Educational Research (3)
    51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)

II. Technology Courses (24)
    53-514 Integrating Technology for Teaching and Learning I (3)
    53-520 Technology Leadership and Staff Development (3)
    53-524 Integrating Technology for Teaching and Learning – II (3)
    53-530 Instructional/Multimedia Design and Development (3)
    53-531 Interactive Graphics (3)
    53-532 Web Design and Development (3)
    53-534 Online Virtual Learning Technologies in Education (3)
    53-540 Seminar in Instructional Technology (3)

III. Comprehensive Exam