Graduate Course Catalog 2007-2009

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Total Credit Hours: 39

To obtain a Master of Arts degree with a specialization in Reading and Literacy, Reading Specialist, candidates must satisfactorily complete 39 credit hours of coursework and a comprehensive examination. This program leads to a Type 10 Reading Specialist Certificate. See pages 87-88 for complete admission requirements.

Candidates seeking the Master of Arts degree and Type 10 Specialist Certificate in Reading (P-12) via entitlement must meet certain criteria. These include the following:

1. A valid initial or standard Illinois Teaching Certificate (Type 03, 04, 09, 10).

2. Submit evidence of passing grade on Illinois Certification Basic Skills Test.

3. Fulfillment of Survey of Exceptional Child requirement (105 ILCS 5/21-2a).

4. Evidence of two (2) years of successful teaching experience by the end of the program.

5. Successful completion of the following program requirements.


At the conclusion of the program, candidates seeking a Type 10 Reading Specialist certificate must pass the Illinois Certification Test for the Reading Specialist, as well as the Assessment of Professional Teaching Test for grades K12.

    52-504 Technology in the Reading and Writing Program (1)
    52-509 Child and Adolescent Literature (3)
    52-523 Foundations and Methods of Teaching Reading Grades 4-12, Including the Content Areas (3)
    52-524 Foundations and Methods of Teaching Reading Grades P-3 (3)
    52-527 Teaching Reading to the Diverse Learner (3)
    52-528 Clinical Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading Problems (3)
    52-529 Methods and Practicum in Reading Diagnosis and Remediation (3)
    52-533 Methods and Strategies for Reading Comprehension Instruction, Including Instructional Practicum for the Reading Teacher (3)
    52-534 Teaching Writing in the Literacy Program (2)
    52-547 Supervising the P-12 Reading Program (3)
    51-548 Educational Organization and Administration (3)
    51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)
    52-575 Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)
    52-598 Practicum for the Reading Specialist (3)

Comprehensive Exam

150 Clinical Hours