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Total Credit Hours: 33

The Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership is designed to assist current certified educators with the move into administrative positions that deal with school governance and management, instructional leadership and supervision, school and public policy and research. This program includes the State standards for the Principalship, and the State standards for the Special Education Director Endorsement.

See pages 87-88 for complete admission requirements.


1. Valid initial or standard Type 03, 04, 09, 10 or 73 Illinois certificate.

2. Two years successful teaching or school service personnel experience.

3. Current vita or resume.

4. Fulfillment of Survey of Exceptional Child requirement (105 ILCS 5/21-2a).

5. Successful completion of Illinois Certification Basic Skills Test.

6. Successful completion of Lewis’ COE Graduate Writing Examination.

Course of study for the Master of Education degree: total of 33 semester hours plus comprehensive exam, and clinical hours required.


Candidates may elect to complete additional requirements for the Supervisory Endorsement of a Type 10 Certificate. In addition to the master’s degree program, students are required to complete the course on Educational Organization and Administration (51-548 or its equivalent). Special Education students must also take the elective Supervision and Administration of Special Education (51-581). Further, candidates for the supervisory endorsement must present evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience. Candidates must provide documentation of their classroom teaching experience from the superintendent in their school district.

I. Core Courses (24)(No transfer credit allowed.)
    51-522 Ethical and Moral Foundations of Educational Leadership (3)
    51-538 School Law for Administrators (3)
    51-548 Educational Organization and Administration (3)
    51-558 School Finance and Business Management (3)
    51-577 Staff Development (3)
    51-578 The Principalship (3)
    51-588 Administrative Practicum (3)

5X-575               Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)

II. Non-core courses: (9)Transfer credit accepted

A maximum of nine semester hours may be accepted for transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution, earned within the last five years, with no grade lower than a B; transcript must be accompanied by a performance portfolio indicating that the courses requested for transfer have addressed the appropriate ISBE standards.

Curriculum Strand for Non-Core Courses (9)
    51-505 Designs for Teaching and Learning (3)
    51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)

27-576               Organization of Guidance Services (3)

Special Education Strand for Non-Core Courses (9)

51-576               Social and Multicultural Foundations (3)
    51-581 Supervision and Administration of Special Education (3)
    51-586 Principles of Counseling: Guidance, Supervisory and Special Education Personnel (3)

III. Master of Arts Option

XX-XXX Available in both curriculum and special education strands. Add six semester hours.

XX-XXX 3 credit hours elective approved by advisor
    51-599 Thesis (3)