Graduate Course Catalog 2007-2009

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Total Credit Hours: 30

The Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Teacher Leadership is designed to assist educators with the important work in their role as leaders and their responsibilities to improve teaching and learning. Teacher leadership in the school, district, and community environment involves complex relationships that support change, the decision making skills of teachers who serve student learning and growth, communication, and community relations.

See pages 87-88 for complete admission requirements.


• Teachers who develop collaborative relationships with colleagues.

• Classroom teachers who have an influence that extends beyond their classrooms to others in their own school and elsewhere.

• Classroom teachers recognizing an opportunity or problem and inspiring others to join them along the journey.

• Professional educators who want to continue their work as teachers, not administrators or managers.


1. Valid initial or standard Type 03, 04, 09, 10 or 73 Illinois certificate.

2. Two years successful teaching or school service personnel experience.

3. Successful completion of Lewis’ COE Graduate Writing Examination.

Course of study for this Master of Education degree: total of 30 semester hours plus comprehensive exam.

I. Core Courses (21)

(No transfer credit allowed.)
    51-521 Ethical and Moral Teacher Leadership (3)
    51-557 Curriculum and Instruction (3)
    51-559 Social and Political Aspects of Curriculum and Instruction (3)
    51-541 Culture of Schools and School Communities (3)
    51-561 Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment: Social Justice Perspectives (3)
    51-587 Curriculum and Teacher Leadership Practicum (3)
    51-508 Seminar In Professional Development (3)

II. Non-core courses: (9)

Transfer credit accepted

A maximum of nine semester hours may be accepted for transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution, earned within the last five years, with no grade lower than a B; transcript must be accompanied by a performance portfolio indicating that the courses requested for transfer have addressed the appropriate ISBE standards.

5X-575               Practical Research for Learning Communities (3)
    51-511 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (3)
    51-539 Legal Issues In Education (3)