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Healthcare Management

Human Resources Management

Information Security

International Business


Management Information Systems


Project Management

Technology and Operations Management

To accommodate the needs of working adults, the College of Business at Lewis University offers a full MBA program as well as graduate level certificate options.

Certificate options are designed for those who want to advance in certain specializations, but lack time for a complete MBA program; for those with bachelor’s degrees in non-business majors; and for those with graduate degrees who wish to develop expertise in different concentrations or to update their career skills.

The graduate certificates have been designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to gain both knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of specific business competencies. Consisting of five graduate-level courses, the certificate programs are designed to strengthen analytical and problem solving skills. Students can complete the certificates in one to two years.


MBA students must achieve a 3.0 GPA (B average) overall for MBA coursework. If a grade of F is received for any MBA course, the course must be repeated. If the GPA is below the acceptable 3.0 minimum after three courses, the student will be placed on probation for the following semester. Students who do not increase their GPA to 3.0 in the following semester may be dismissed from the MBA Program. A student subject to dismissal will be given the opportunity to communicate in writing with the MBA program director. The student’s status will then be reviewed by the director.


A student entering the Lewis MBA program with appropriate prior graduate coursework in business may have a maximum of nine credit hours beyond the foundation level applied to Lewis MBA course requirements.

Course credits eligible for transfer consideration must meet the following criteria:

1. All transfer credit must have been earned prior to matriculation in the Lewis MBA program.

2. The coursework must have been completed at an accredited graduate school.

3. A minimum grade of B must have been earned for the course.

4. The coursework must have an equivalent in the Lewis MBA curriculum.


Classes usually meet once a week during weekday evenings or on Saturday mornings. Some courses are offered online.


MBA students are expected to attend scheduled classes regularly. This expectation presumes a mature student’s interest in maximizing the opportunity to profit from the instructor’s expertise, planned class activities, and the interchange with peers. It also presumes the student’s responsibility to contribute to the quality of intellectual interaction in the class. Each instructor specifies the class attendance policy in the course syllabus which is distributed at the beginning of each course. A student registered for a Saturday course may not register for a weekend MBA seminar.


Attending classes part-time, an MBA student generally completes all degree requirements in two to three years (including summers). A full-time student should be able to complete all degree requirements in one to two years. The maximum time allowed to complete all degree requirements is five consecutive years from the date of matriculation. This time period may be extended by written permission from the MBA program director.


Upon completion of the following eight requirements, students will be awarded the MBA degree:

1. The degree candidacy admission standard.

2. Phase I - Foundation Course requirements.

3. Phase II - Core Course requirements.

4. Phase III - Functional Areas of Concentration Course requirements.

5. Phase IV - Elective Course requirements.

6. A minimum 3.0 GPA (B average).

7. Satisfaction of all financial obligations to Lewis University.

8. An Application for Graduation completed and deposited in the Registrar’s office.


Students should consult with the MBA advisor and the course instructor when considering withdrawal from a course. The only way a student may officially withdraw from a course is to submit a completed withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar on the Romeoville campus. Refunds are made in accordance with the stated refund policy. When students officially withdraw by the deadline set for each term, they will receive a grade of W, which has no effect on their GPA. A student who has not officially withdrawn from a course will receive a final grade of F.


Incomplete work must be completed within the first six weeks of the following semester or the grade of F automatically will be assigned for the course. Consult the University’s policy on “Grading” on page 12 of this catalog for more information.

I. Required Courses (15)

Each certificate program consists of five graduate-level courses.

Accountancy Certificate

• Financial Accounting

• Managerial Accounting

• Accounting Ethics, Liability and Exposure

• International Accountancy

• Advanced Tax Topics (may require additional prerequisites)

Finance Certificate

• Financing the Business Enterprise

• Managerial Finance

(3 of the following 4 needed)

• Financial Management Strategies

• International Finance

• Portfolio Management and Investment Analysis

• Futures and Options

Healthcare Management Certificate

• Healthcare Management Operations and Accounting

• Contemporary Management Practice or Healthcare Management Practice

• Healthcare Marketing

• Healthcare Finance and Economics

• Healthcare Information Management

Human Resources Management Certificate

• Contemporary Management Practice

• Legal and Social Foundations

• Human Resources Management

• Employment Law

• Organizational Behavior and Development

Information Security Certificate

• Introduction to Information Security

• Information Security Strategies and Risk Management

• Operational and Organizational Security

• Project Management

• Security Assurance Principles

International Business Certificate

• International Business in the Global Environment (may require additional prerequisites)

• International Economics

• International Finance

• International Accountancy

• International Marketing

Management Certificate

• Financial Accounting

• Contemporary Management Practice

• Financing the Business Enterprise

• Survey of Marketing

• Business Economics

Management Information Systems Certificate

• Current Topics in Information Technology

• Systems Analysis and Design

• Database Management

• Networks and Data Communications

• Strategic outsourcing

Marketing Certificate

• Survey of Marketing

• Marketing Management

• International Marketing

• Analysis of Promotion

• Marketing Research

Project Management Certificate

• Project Management

• Advanced Project Management

• Designing, Managing, Improving Operations

• Principles of Six Sigma

• Strategic Outsourcing

Technology and Operations Management Certificate

• Quantitative Methods for Business

• Contemporary Management Practice

• Operations Management

• Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains

• Designing, Managing, and Improving Operations