Graduate Course Catalog 2007-2009

COURSE: 47-550 Ethical Issues in Aviation and Transportation (3)
This course examines the key ethical issues confronting aviation and transportation. In order to set up the main topics, the first two weeks of the class will investigate various ethical theories in order to see which ones most apply to the transportation industry. During this time, we will also critique some of the ethical issues associated with capitalism. The rest of the term will focus exclusively on the pertinent aspects of aviation and transportation ethics. First, we will examine the regulation and subsequent deregulation of the transportation industry in order to gain insight into the strengths and limitations of deregulation. We will then investigate some of the ethical dilemmas that confront engineers, pilots, mechanics, and the government. In addition, this part of the course will also focus on ethical issues associated with various transportation corporations. Finally, we will end the semester with a discussion of international issues; in particular, the role of security in a post-9/11 world, and the effect of transportation on the environment.