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Minor Credit Hours: 21

The Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies minor includes courses from a variety of disciplines, such as sociology, history, Spanish, literature, philosophy, psychology, communications, political science and social work. The minor provides an analysis of the histories, politics, cultures, and societies of both the region of Latin America and the Latina/o communities in the US. It seeks to stimulate and facilitate inquiry, research, and outreach activities related to these areas and their cultural traditions. The minor provides a framework for understanding Latina/o history and culture and contemporary triumphs and struggles of Latinos.  The rich traditions, cultural expressions, and historical experiences of Latinos are explored.  For further information about the Latin American and Latina/o Studies at Lewis University, consult the program director or the chair of the Sociology Department.

Three courses are required for the Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies minor beyond the foundation course, 20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3):

09-320 Topics in History: Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies is offered according to need and is an introduction to Latina/o studies.  The course analyzes the immigrant experience and its role in the incorporation of Latinas/os into U.S. society, the socio-economic condition of US Latinas/os, and the interconnections between diverse subgroup communities. Also examined are the differences which sometimes divide them, such as demographic trends, citizenship, political participation and activism. The contributions of Latinas/os to the United States of America are highlighted.

18-335 Latin American Politics (3) provides an introduction to contemporary Latin American political institutions, processes, and problems, focusing on economic policies, development, regional integration, democracy, and US-Latin American relations.

20-390 Capstone in Latin American and Latina/Latino Studies is offered according to need and is designed for the student completing the Latin American and Latina/o Studies minor. The course integrates the student’s prior coursework in Latin American and Latina/o Studies and provides additional perspectives. Students are expected to conduct some independent scholarship and participate in a service learning contribution to a Latina/o community as well as share those experiences with the Lewis University community, especially the Latina/o community at Lewis University.

Minors choose an additional 9 credit hours in consultation with the program director.

I. Required Courses (12)
09-390 Topics in History:  Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies (3)
18-335 Latin American Politics (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
20-390 Capstone in Latin American and Latina/o Studies (3)

II. Elective Courses (9)

A. Courses offering full coverage of Latin American heritage and issues. Select 6 to 9 credits from this list.
06-339 Topics in World Authors: Latin America (3)
06-346 Topics in Immigrant Literatures: Hispanic America (3)
09-211 Latin American and Caribbean History: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
09-390 Topics in History: Caribbean Civilization (3)
09-390 Topics in History: Modern Brazil (3)
09-387 History of Modern Revolutions: Focus on the Americas (3)
15-366 Latin American Philosophy (3)
19-215 Topics in Theology: Latino/a Identity (3)
20-315 Sociology of Latinas/os in the United States (3)
78-355 Workshop:  Social Work with Latina/o Populations (1)
21-103 First Year Spanish 1 (3)
21-104 First Year Spanish 2 (3)
(Up to six hours of Spanish language courses beyond first year may be substituted for First Year Spanish 1 and 2.)

B. Courses offering partial coverage of Latin American heritage and issues. Select 0 to 3 semester hours from this list.
10-350 Intercultural Communication (3)
15-225 Philosophical Issues in Race and Gender (3)
19-281 Christianity in Africa, Asia, and Latin America (3)
19-285 Theologies of Liberation (3)
20-492 Special Topics: Cultural Anthropology (3)
20-492 Special Topics: Social, Political and Economic Disadvantages of Race (3)
26-275 Topics in Psychology: Psychology of the Minority Experience (3)
26-285 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)
78-215 Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice (3)
(Independent Study, Workshops, or other courses offered by contributing College of Arts and Sciences departments may be used to fulfill requirements for the minor with the consent of the program director of Latin American and Latina/o Studies Minor.)

III. The upper-division course requirements are fulfilled through the completion of 09-390 (Topics: Introduction to Latina/o Studies), 18-335, and 20-390.

IV. In order to avoid overlapping, 9 hours of this minor (including 2 upper-division courses) may not apply to any other minor.