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Total Credit Hours: 155
Major Credit Hours: 102

Since 1973, Rush University's Medical Laboratory Science (formerly Clinical Laboratory Science) program has been accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. More than 500 students have graduated from Rush's medical technology program.

A grade of "C" or better must be earned in a prerequisite course in order to advance to the next course in the sequence.

Biology majors may take a Biology class only two times. If the student has not achieved a minimum of a "C" after the second attempt, the student may not repeat the class.

The Biology Department will award 3 hours of credit for our general education class 02-100 (Introduction to Biology) when students have received a score of 4 or 5 on AP tests. We do not award any credit for major classes based on AP scores.

A student entering this program must have an ACT composite score of 21.

I. Core Courses (65)
02-110 General Biology I (4)
02-111 General Biology I Lab (1)
03-110 General Chemistry I (4)
02-115 General Biology II (4)
02-116 General Biology II Lab (1)
03-115 General Chemistry II (4)
03-116 General Chemistry II Lab (1)
13-200 Calculus I (4)
13-211 Calculus for the Life Sciences (4)
02-220 Genetics (4)
02-221 Genetics Lab (1)
02-224 General Microbiology (4)
02-226 General Microbiology Lab (1)
03-220 Organic Chemistry I (4)
03-221 Organic Chemistry I Lab (1)
03-225 Organic Chemistry II (4)
03-226 Organic Chemistry II Lab (1)
02-320 Biostatistics (3)
02-335 Advanced Clinical Physiology (3)
02-336 Case Studies in Human Physiology (1)
02-355 Biochemistry I- Molecular Biochemistry with Clinical Correlates (3)
02-356 Biochemistry I Lab (1)
02-380 Biochemistry Journal Club (1)
02-422 Human Anatomy (3)
02-423 Functional Human Anatomy Lab (1)
17-200 College Physics I (4)
17-201 College Physics I Lab (1)

II. Students admitted to the Medical Laboratory Science Program in this manner will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Lewis University at the successful completion of the first three quarters at Rush University.

A minimum of 113 credit hours are required to earn the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science at Rush University. All courses taken during the first three quarters (47 hours) will be transferred back to Lewis University to meet the B.S. requirements.

The student must complete the first three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring) in order to be awarded the B.S. degree from Lewis University. If they do not complete the first three quarters, they would need return to Lewis to fulfill the requirements.

The following courses will be offered at Rush University to obtain the B.S in Biology*:

CLS500 Laboratory (2 hrs)*
CLS501 Clinical Chemistry I (4 hrs)
CLS510 Hematology I (5 hrs)
CLS521 Clinical Immunology (4 hrs)
Professional Development (1 hr)
CLS502 Clinical Chemistry II (3 hrs)
CLS512 Body Fluids (4 hrs)
CLS530 Clinical Microbiology (5 hrs)
CLS545 Professional Development (1 hr)
CLS503 Clinical Chemistry III (3 hrs)
CLS511 Hematology II (2 hrs)
CLS520 Immunohematology (5 hrs)
CLS531 Parasitology, Mycology and Virology (4 hrs) CLS Seminar (2 hrs)
HHV504 Ethics in Health Care (2 hrs)

*Rush University operates on a quarterly basis versus a semester basis; credit hours are according to Rush University quarter credits.

III. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied by the successful completion of the following courses that contain strong writing components: General Biology Labs I and II and General Microbiology Lab.

IV. Consult the program fact sheet for the sequence of general education courses