Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

COURSE: 05-354 Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Multicultural Education, K-9 (3)
This course focuses on research-based instructional strategies, technology, resources, national (NCSS) curriculum standards, Illinois State Standards, and common core standards. The emphasis of this course is on understanding and using the interrelationships among history, geography, economics, politics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and archeology to develop in students an appreciation and responsibility toward citizenship, multiculturalism, and a democratic society. In addition this course includes planning and organizing for instruction, material selection, and evaluation in social studies and multicultural education. Methods of differentiating instruction and assessment to meet the individual needs of all students including ELL, highly proficient, and special needs students will be modeled and practiced. Middle school curriculum will be a primary focus including reading in the content area which is emphasized in the common core standards. Candidates will be evaluated on their ability to successfully plan and implement strategies taught in this course. Prerequisite: 2.75 GPA; Consent of Education Advisor; 05-240 and 05-301. Offered: Every semester.