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Total Credit Hours: 166


Students who successfully complete the coursework requirements of the Joint Program between Lewis University and Illinois Institute of Technology will be awarded a B.S. degree in an approved Physics program from Lewis and a B.S. degree in an approved Aerospace Engineering program from IIT.  It is anticipated that a student enrolled in the Joint Program will complete both degrees within five years.  Students must satisfy all published requirements of the institution granting the degree.

Students enrolled in the Joint Program will take courses described in the curriculum below.  This curriculum may be changed upon mutual agreement by IIT and Lewis University.


Applicants to the Joint Program must be admissible to both Lewis and IIT, as determined by the respective admission offices. In addition, any Lewis student may, with Lewis University's permission, apply for the program, and will be considered for admission by IIT using its usual criteria for transfer students.  Students must meet Lewis and IIT criteria for satisfactory academic progress in order to remain in the Joint Program.   Students must have a minimum 3.0 /4.0 GPA in their Lewis courses in order to remain in the Joint Program.

If a student is dismissed from the Joint Program, he or she may be offered further probationary enrollment at either Lewis or IIT at the discretion of his or her respective dean and departmental advisor.

Lewis will compute students’ cumulative and semester grade point averages based upon courses completed at both Lewis and IIT.  Lewis will use combined cumulative averages to determine eligibility for special academic awards such as inclusion on the dean’s list and graduation with honors.  IIT will treat Lewis courses as transfer courses and will not include them in calculating grade point averages.

IIT will accept “D” grades for Lewis courses in the Joint Program only in general education courses.  Lewis will not accept “D” grades for IIT courses that substitute for required courses in the student’s major at Lewis.

Transfer credit earned from other institutions prior to enrollment at Lewis will be accepted by IIT provided it satisfies IIT transfer credit requirements.  For students enrolled in the Joint Program, IIT will accept transfer credit completed with a grade of “C” or better which has been accepted by Lewis, provided the student has obtained prior Lewis and IIT approval by filing a student petition in accordance with existing Lewis and IIT regulations.

Students enrolled in the Joint Program will be subject to the academic and general regulations and policies of both Lewis and IIT.  Where there appears to be a conflict between the regulations of the two institutions, such matters will be resolved by the appropriate academic deans of each institution or their designees.

IIT courses required in the Joint Program will be offered at the Rice Campus, Wheaton, Illinois;  on the Main Campus, Chicago, Illinois; and over the William F. Finkl Interactive Instructional Network (IITV).

All fulltime students in the Joint Program will be accorded all customary privileges of regular fulltime students at both institutions, including use of the libraries, student unions, and athletic facilities. For further information, contact the Chair of the Physics Department.

13-200 Calculus I (4)
17-210 General Physics I (4)
17-211 General Physics I Lab (1)
03-110 General Chemistry I (4)
03-111 General Chemistry I Lab (1)
06-111 College Writing I (3)
76-100 Introduction to the College Experience (1)
TOTAL: 18 hours

13-201 Calculus II (4)
17-215 General Physics II (4)
17-216 General Physics II Lab (1)
06-112 College Writing II (3)
03-115 General Chemistry II (4)
03-116 General Chemistry II Lab (1)
TOTAL: 17 hours

13-250 Calculus III (4)
17-240 Introduction to Modern Physics (4)
09-101 Culture and Civilization I (3)
70-200 Computer Science I: Programming and Algorithm Design (3)
Theology 100 level (3)
TOTAL: 17 hours

13-300 Differential Equations (4)
17-300 Mechanics (4)
Literature (3)
09-102 Culture and Civilization II (3)
Theology 200 level
TOTAL: 17 hours

17-340 Modern Physics (4)
17-400 Advanced Experimental Physics Lab (4)
17-310 Electricity and Magnetism (4)
Fine Arts (3)
Social Science / Macroeconomics / Introduction to Philosophy / Ethics (3)
TOTAL: 18 hours

EG 105 Engineering Graphics and Design (2)
MS 201 Materials Science (3)
MMAE 202 Mechanics of Solids II ()
MMAE 320 Thermodynamics (3)
MMAE 313 Fluid Mechanics without Laboratory (3)
10-112 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
TOTAL: 17 hours

MMAE 311 Compressible Flow (3)
MMAE 312 Aerodynamics of Aerospace Vehicles (3)
MMAE 315 Aerospace Laboratory I (4)
MMAE 350 Computational Mechanics (3)
Social Science / Macroeconomics / Introduction to Philosophy / Ethics (3)
TOTAL: 16 hours

MMAE 304 Mechanics of Aerostructures (3)
MMAE 372 Aerospace Materials (3)
MMAE 450 Computational Mechanics II (3)
MMAE 452 Aerospace Propulsion (3)
IPRO 497(3)
TOTAL: 15 hours

MMAE 414 Aircraft Design I (3) OR MMAE 412 Spacecraft Design I (3)
MMAE 410 Aircraft Flight Mechanics (3)
MMAE 411 Spacecraft Dynamics (3)
MMAE 443 Systems Analysis and Control (3)
Social Science / Macroeconomics / Introduction to Philosophy / Ethics (3)
TOTAL: 15 hours

MMAE 416 Aircraft Design II (3) OR MMAE 413 Spacecraft Design II (3)
MMAE 415 Aerospace Laboratory II (4)
MMAE 417, 418, OR MMAE 472 Ferrous Technology (3)
Social Science / Macroeconomics / Introduction to Philosophy / Ethics (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
TOTAL: 16 hours

Note 1: Action and Values: Ethics is recommended.

Note 2: In the ninth and tenth semesters, the student must choose either the MMAE 414 and MMAE 416 sequence or the MMAE 412 and 413 sequence.

Note 3: Students may reduce the semester hour load by completing approved courses in the summer.

Note 4: MMAE 320, 350, 411, and 450, required courses in the BS in Aerospace Engineering program at IIT, will satisfy the Physics electives requirement in the BS in Physics at Lewis University.

Note 5: A minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed at IIT.


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