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Minor Credit Hours: 21

The Latina/Latino Studies minor includes courses from a variety of disciplines, such as sociology, history, Spanish, literature, philosophy, psychology, communications, political science and social work. The minor provides a framework for understanding Latina/o history and culture and contemporary triumphs and struggles of Latinos.  The rich traditions, cultural expressions, and historical experiences of Latinos are explored.  For further information about Latina/o Studies at Lewis University, consult the Latina/o Studies coordinator or the chair of the Sociology Department.

Two courses are required for Latina/Latino Studies beyond the foundation course, 20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3):

09-320 Topics in History:
Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies is offered according to need and is an introduction to Latina/o studies.  The course analyzes the immigrant experience and it role in the incorporation of Latinas/os into U.S. society, the socio-economic condition of US Latinas/os, the interconnections between diverse subgroup communities. Also examined are the differences which sometimes divide them, such as demographic trends, citizenship, political participation and activism. The contributions of Latinas/os to the United States of America will also be highlighted.

20-390 Capstone in Latina/Latino Studies:
Offered according to need, this course is designed for the student completing the Latina/o Studies Minor. The course integrates the studentís prior coursework in Latina/o Studies and provides additional perspectives. Students are expected to conduct some independent scholarship and participate in a service learning contribution to a Latina/o community as well as share those experiences with the Lewis University community, especially the Latina/o community at Lewis University.

The Latina/o minor chooses an additional 12 credit hours in consultation with an advisor.

I. Required Courses (9)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
09-390 Topics in History: Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies (3)
20-390 Capstone in Latina/o Studies (3)

II. Elective Courses (12)
A. Courses offering full coverage of Latin American heritage and issues. Select 9 to 12 credits from this list.
09-390 Topics in History: Latina/o History (3)
06-346 Topics in Immigrant Literatures: Hispanic American (3)
15-366 Latin American Philosophy (3)
09-211 Latin American and Caribbean History: Ancient Times to the Present (3)
09-390 Topics in History: Caribbean Civilization (3)
20-315 Sociology of Latinas/os in the United States (3)
78-303 Current Issues in Social Work and Human Services:  Cultural Competence with Latina/o Populations (3)
78-355 Workshop: Social Work with Latina/o Populations (1)
21-103 First Year Spanish 1 (3)
21-104 First Year Spanish 2 (3)

(Up to six hours of Spanish language courses beyond first year may be substituted for First Year Spanish 1 and 2.)
B. Courses offering partial coverage of Latin American heritage and issues. Select 0 to 3 semester hours from this list.
10-350 Intercultural Communication (3)
15-225 Philosophical Issues in Race and Gender (3)
†20-492 Special Topics: Cultural Anthropology (3)
†20-492 Special Topics: Social, Political and Economic Disadvantages of Race (3)
26-275 Topics in Psychology: Psychology of the Minority Experience (3)
26-285 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)
78-215 Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice (3)

III.  The upper-division course requirements are fulfilled through the completion of 09-390 and 20-390.


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