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This Fast Track program features the curriculum of the Bachelor of Arts program supplemented with additional coursework at the graduate level.  The additional coursework focuses on teaching the management concepts necessary to enhance the majorís knowledge and workplace contribution.  Nine graduate credits are applied to the B.A. degree.  These nine hours are distributed among these three courses:  LL512; LL515; and LL539.   Also, one three-credit elective ordinarily required of the Masterís student is waived.  The Fast Track significantly reduces the total number of hours required to earn the graduate degree by 12 hours.   Normally, a student would be required 37 hours for the M.A.  Fast Track students are required to take only 25 additional graduate credits to earn the Masterís. 

Admission to Fast Track Status 

This program accepts applications from students already admitted to the Lewis University undergraduate program in Organizational Leadership.   

Students who have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, have completed 72 hours of course credit, have at least three years of full-time work experience, have successfully completed LL300, LL320, LL330, LL340, LL360,  and have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or better in courses in the B.A. Organizational Leadership major may apply for admission to the M.A. Organizational Leadership Fast Track program.   

The MAOL program director will review studentsí applications for the Fast Track program and make recommendations to the Graduate Council of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Students admitted to the Fast Track degree program take approved graduate courses in the last semester(s) of their undergraduate program. 

Total Hours in the combined major:  30 undergraduate; 34 graduate (of which 9 graduate credit hours are applied to the 128 hours for the B.A.) = 64. 

Total Hours to graduate in the M.A. Fast Track (including undergraduate general education requirements, major courses, and electives):  128 + 25 = 153. 

I. Core Courses (64)

A. Undergraduate Coursework (30)
LL-300 Introduction to the Applied Social Sciences (3)
LL-320 Life, Career and the Emerging Workplace (3)
LL-330 Social Theory (3)
LL-340 Organizational Development (3)
LL-360 Leadership and Organizational Change (3)
LL-400 Learning in Organization Studies (3)
LL-420 Leadership for Service (3)
LL-430 Organizational Text and Discourse (3)
LL-440 Organizational Research Analysis (3)
LL-450 Internship (3)

B. Graduate Coursework (34)
M.A. course descriptions appear in the Graduate Catalog only. All courses (except for LL512, LL515, and LL539) apply to the 25 hours required for the Masterís.

(1) The following graduate credits apply to the 128 hours required for the Bachelorís: (9)
LL-512 Assessing Leadership Skills (3)
LL-515 Critical Thinking and Decision Making (3)
LL-539 Conflict Management (3)

(2) Required of all MAOL students: (10)
LL-502 Directed Research Study Ė Research II (1)
LL-509 Leadership: Theories, Practices and Context (3)
LL-536 Ethics, Integrity and Social Responsibility (3)
LL-576 Organizational Assessment Seminar Ė Research I (1)
LL-590 Leadership and the Future (2)

(3) MAOL students choose 4 graduate courses in any one concentration: (12)

Organizational Management
LL-527 Building Teams (3)
LL-565 Finance as Organizational Text (3)
LL-558 Planning Strategically (3)
LL-561 Organizational Cultures and Systems (3)

Not-for-Profit Management
LL-558 Planning Strategically (3)
LL-561 Organizational Cultures and Systems (3)
LL-567 Working with the Community: Boards to Volunteers (3)
LL-570 Stewardship and External Support (3)

Public Administration
LL-530 Managing Diversity (3)
LL-558 Planning Strategically (3)
LL-560 Themes in Public Policy Administration and Leadership (3)
LL- 564 Public Policy and Governmental Relations (3)

Training and Development
LL-518 Organizational Communication (3)
LL-555 Psychology of Motivation (3)
LL-572 Adult Development: Learning Models and Practices (3)
LL-577 Design and Delivery of Training (3)

Higher Education Ė Student Services
LL-516 Principles of Higher Education; Mission and Directions (3)
LL-527 Building Teams (3)
LL-556 Systems and Services in Higher Education (3)
LL-572 Adult Development; Learning Models and Practices (3)

(4) MAOL students choose one graduate elective: (3)
LL-522 Technology and Resource Development (3)
LL-524 Maximizing Organizational Change (3)
LL-533 Trans-national Leadership (3)
LL-573 Independent Inquiry (3)
LL-579 Selected Topics (3)
LL-585 International Leadership Themes (3)

II. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education Curriculum is satisfied by successful completion of LL440 Organizational Research Analysis.