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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 67

The Bachelor of Science in Information Security and Risk Management is designed for students with an interest in the wide range of activities associated with the protection of information, one of an organization's most vital assets. The degree seeks to provide a student with a foundation in information security, risk management, security management, IT operations, and data communications with both breadth and depth of instruction in a number of areas including:

  • Access Control Systems & Methodology
  • Telecommunications & Network Security
  • Security Management Practices
  • Application and Systems Development
  • Cryptography
  • Security Architecture and Models
  • IT Operations Security
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Law, Investigations and Ethics
  • Physical Security

The program will offer students both lecture overviews and hands-on experiences with the tools and technologies necessary to protect our information resources. The curriculum is specifically designed to encompass both managerial functions and technical details.

I. Core Courses (37)
04-200 Basic Macroeconomics (3)
04-201 Basic Microeconomics (3)
23-120 Principles of Accountancy I (3)
23-121 Principles of Accountancy II (3)
24-349 Business Statistics (3)
24-350 Decision Science (3)
25-200 Principles of Marketing (3)
61-200 Principles of Management (3)
61-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)
61-390 Management Seminar (1)
62-200 Principles of Finance (3)
63-200 Introduction to Information Systems (3)
Select one of the following:
24-230 Finite Mathematics (3)
24-240 Business Calculus (3)

II. Major Area Courses (30)
63-220 Business Programming (3)
63-230 Cybercrime, Law and Ethics (3)
63-310 Principles of Project Management (3)
63-330 Database Management Systems (3)
63-336 Computer Forensics (3)
63-351 Security Assessment and Risk Management (3)
63-430 Data Networks (3)
63-450 Enterprise Security (3)
63-480 Systems Implementation (3)
70-425 Encryption (3)


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