Undergraduate Course Catalog 2010-2011

COURSE: 02-480 Department Pillars Portfolio (0)
The Biology Department expects all its graduates to present an electronic portfolio in the final semester prior to graduation. This e-portfolio will include various assignments, documents, or projects related to course work that show evidence that the student has met the expectations of the department as articulated in the five departmental pillars. This includes but is not limited to foundational skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening, quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and the use of technology. Students will provide documentation that these skills have evolved during their undergraduate careers. This will be achieved by inclusion of "early" (1st year / 2nd year) documents demonstrating the required skill(s), followed by “late” (3rd year / 4th year) documents accompanied by a narrative in each section to explain how their abilities have evolved. Prerequisite: Senior status; permission of advisor.