Undergraduate Course Catalog 2009-2010

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 48


Students interested in declaring a Social Work major must

1.  Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

2.  Have earned at least a C in each of the prerequisite courses listed below:

78-100 Introduction to Social Work
26-100 General Psychology
20-100 Principles of Sociology

3.  Submit

 an application form
 a personal statement
 two letters of recommendation

Please note: The Department  of Social Work does not grant Social Work course credit for life experience or for previous work experience.

I. Core Courses (39)
78-100 Introduction to Social Work (3)
78-209 Social Welfare Policy (3)
78-215 Cultural Sensitivity in Social Work Practice (3)
78-250 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (3)
78-251 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (3)
78-302 Practice I: Methods of Interventions with Individuals (3)
78-309 Practice II: Methods of Intervention with Families and Groups (3)
78-310 Practice III: Methods of Intervention in Communities and Organizations (3)
78-496 Research in Social Work (3)
78-497 Senior Seminar (3)
78-498 Fieldwork Internship (9)

II. Choose Electives: (9)
(Although the Department prepares students for general practice and for subsequent advanced study in specialized fields, students may choose electives reflecting their individual interests and ultimate career goals.)
78-295 Community Service Experience (3)
78-300 Chemical Dependency: Diagnosis and Treatment (3)
78-304 Crisis Intervention (3)
78-312 Loss and Mourning (3)
78-314 Social Services for Children and Adolescents (3)
78-317 Social Services for the Elderly (3)

78-350 to 78-389 Workshops in Social Work (1)
78-399 Independent Study (1-3)

III. General Education Courses (27-30)

A. The following general education courses are prerequisites for selected Social Work courses, as indicated in departmental course descriptions.
02-108 Introduction to Human Biology (3)
04-195 The American Economy (3)
04-200 Basic Macroeconomics (3)
10-112 Introduction to Human Communication (3)
15-330 Ethics (Action and Values) (3)
18-200 American National Government (3)
18-210 State and Local Government (3)
20-100 Principles of Sociology (3)
20-290 Cultural Diversity and Intergroup Relations (3)
26-100 General Psychology (3)

B. The following general education course should be taken by any student intending to seek the Master's in Social Work:
26-303 Statistics for the Social Sciences (3)

IV. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum for Social Work majors is satisfied by successful completion of 78-496 Research in Social Work (3) or 78-309 Practice II: Methods of Intervention with Families and Groups (3).