Undergraduate Course Catalog 2009-2010

General Information

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 47

I. Professional Education Courses for Initial Elementary (K-9) Certification

Requirements:  Background check and attendance at Protecting All God's Children workshop.


05-240 Instructional Methods, K-9, with Field Experiences I (25 field experience hrs.) (3)
05-300 Elementary Field Experience II (50 field experience hrs.) (1)
05-301 Educational Psychology (3)
53-304 Technology for Teaching and Learning (3)
55-321 Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle School (3)
05-340 Methods of Teaching Science and Health, K-9 (3)
05-352 Methods of Teaching Mathematics, K-9 (3)
05-353 Methods of Teaching Reading and the Integrated Language Arts, K-3 (3)
05-354 Methods of Teaching Social Studies and Multicultural Education, K-9 (3)
54-357 Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities (3)
53-360 History and Philosophy of Education (3)
05-400 Elementary Field Experience III (50 field experience hrs.) (1)
05-409 Child and Adolescent Literature and the Fine Arts (3)
05-471 Methods of Teaching Reading and the Integrated Language Arts, 4-9 (3)
05-480 Elementary Student Teaching (9)

II. Recommended Electives for Elementary Certification
54-363 Consultation and Collaboration for Educators (3)
53-310 Teaching English Language Learners in P-12 Schools (3)
09-111 Survey of United States History to 1876 (3)
09-112 Survey of United States History Since 1876 (3)
17-120 Integrated Science I (3)
17-121 Integrated Science I Lab (1)
05-244 Differentiating Instruction in the Elementary Classroom (3)
05-410 Classroom Assessment and Intervention (3)
The state requirements for middle school endorsement are infused in Lewis' approved elementary education courses.

III. Elementary majors are required to complete an 18-hour concentration in an academic area. Some of the 18 hours may count toward the General Education requirements.
A complete listing of general education requirements is located in the General Education Information Section.

Please note the requirement of an additional math course for elementary, special education and combined majors.

IV. Advanced Writing: 05-471, Methods of Teaching Reading and the Integrated Language Arts, 4-9 fulfills part of the advanced writing requirement and 05-480, Elementary Student Teaching, fulfills the remainder of the advanced writing requirement for majors.
"Candidate" refers to individuals admitted to Lewis University's College of Education. "Student" refers to children and adolescents in P-12 schools.
V. Candidates complete 125 hours of field experience as part of the coursework in the Elementary Education Program. All candidates must successfully pass the Illinois Basic Skills Test before they will be allowed to take education courses. Field experience courses include Instructional Methods, K-9, with Field Experience I (05-240) (25 hours), Elementary Field Experience II (05-300) (50 hours) and Elementary Field Experience III (05-400) (50 hours). A 2.75 GPA is required for all education courses. Assignment to the field experience sites is arranged by the College of Education. Experiences are designed to include public and private school assignments and primary, intermediate and middle school experiences. Candidates are responsible for providing their own transportation to field experience sites. Field experience assignments are generally within a 25 mile radius of Lewis' main campus. Field experience hours completed at other institutions will be evaluated by the Department Chair to determine whether or not the hours can be transferred.
* See Combined Special Education and Elementary Education major for possible additional certification in special education.

VI. Student Teaching
Application for admission to student teaching must be filed by September 15 of the year prior to the planned student teacher experience. Procedures and requirements for admission to student teaching are published in the Guide for Initial Teacher Certification Program Candidates. This publication is available on Blackboard.  All candidates are responsible for the information contained in this Guide. Evidence of successful completion of the appropriate State of Illinois content area test must be received in the College of Education at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the student teaching semester in order to be allowed to student teach.  Student teaching in the elementary major requires candidates to complete a 15-week placement in an elementary (K-8) education setting.  Candidates are responsible for providing their own transportation while student teaching. Placements are generally within a 25 mile radius of Lewis' main campus. Only one additional course may be taken concurrently with student teaching.  Official documentation of a negative TB test must be filed prior to student teaching. The Assessment of Professional Teaching Test must be successfully completed before entitlement for certification will be sent to the state.