Undergraduate Course Catalog 2009-2010

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Minor Credit Hours: 26-32

The SES Department offers a program to prepare students to coach organized athletic teams. The athletic coaching minor fulfills one of the required programs within a Liberal Arts major.

I. Required Courses (23-29)
53-481 Secondary Student Teaching (9)
16-258 Sport Leadership and Program Development (3)
16-171 First Aid and Adult CPR (1)
16-200 Sports Appreciation (3)
16-201 Foundations of Coaching (3)
16-211 Weight Training (3)
16-212 General Conditioning (3)
16-250 Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
16-251 Athletic Taping Lab (1)
16-256 Sport Psychology (3)
16-343 Sport Performance Enhancement (3)

II. Coaching Electives (3)
Students must select three hours from any of the advanced theory courses.

III. For students using the Athletic Coaching minor as a component of the Liberal Arts major, the advanced writing requirement is satisfied by successful completion of Writing for the Professions (06-300).