Undergraduate Course Catalog 2009-2010

COURSE: LW-480 Systems Implementation (3)
The main objective of this applied ITM capstone course is to teach students how to develop and implement a business information system and create the project e-portfolio.  In this course, students wil apply and integrate knowledge from previous ITM courses to create a fully functioning business information system.  Students will complete their projects and e-portfolios by 1) creating logical and physical models from information gathered in the systems planning and analysis phases, 2) building the system components (Web application, database and network), 3) integrating, testing and documenting all system components developed, 4) creating comprehensive user training plans and materials, and 5) writing documentation for system operation and support. Prerequisite: LW-315, LW-330, LW-415, and LW-430. This capstone course should be complete as one of the student's final ITM courses.