Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

General Information

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 83

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Flight Management prepares the student for a career as a professional pilot. Upon graduation, the successful student will have a minimum of 128 semester hours of coursework and will hold the following FAA certificates and ratings: Commercial Pilot Certificate—Airplane Single and Multi-engine Land with Instrument Airplane rating; Flight Instructor Certificate—Airplane Single-engine Land, with Instrument Airplane rating. Optional certificates and ratings include Flight Instructor Certificate—Multi-engine Land; and Ground Instructor Certificate—Advanced and Instrument.

After matriculation at Lewis University, students are required to do all their flight training at Lewis.

I. Core Courses (74)
47-102 Introduction to Aviation (1)
47-130 Private Pilot Ground I (3)
47-131 Private Pilot Ground II (3)
47-132 Private Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-203 Visual Aircraft Recognition (1)
47-204 Aviation Regulations (3)
47-231 Instrument Pilot Ground School (4)
47-232 Instrument Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-250 Aviation Meteorology I (3)
47-252 Aviation Meteorology II (3)
47-263 Aircraft Maintenance for Pilots (3)
47-305 Crew Resource Management (3)
47-313 Air Traffic Control Systems (3)
47-320 Advanced Aircraft Systems (3)
47-321 Aviation Legislation (3)
47-331 Commercial Pilot Ground School (3)
47-332 Commercial Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-353 Air Transportation (3)
47-373 Aviation Safety (3)
47-407 Fundamentals of Instruction (2)
47-408 Flight Instructor Airplane (CFI-A) Ground School (2)
*47-409 Flight Instructor Airplane (CFI-A) Flight Lab (1)
47-420 Flight Instructor Instrument (CFI-I) Ground (2)
*47-421 Flight Instructor Instrument (CFI-I) Flight Lab (1)
47-460 Multi-Engine (MEL) Ground School (2)
47-461 Multi-Engine (MEL) Flight Lab (1)
47-463 Aircraft Accident Investigation (3)
47-473 Flight Engineer I (3)
Aviation Electives (6)
*With permission, course 47-475 Aircraft Familiarization (3) can be substituted.

II. Management Courses (9)
61-200 Principles of Management (3)
61-360 Human Resource Management (3)
61-380 Supervisory Management (3)

III. General Education Courses** (45)
The following general education requirements are listed and satisfied under the core curriculum: The two science requirements are met by Aviation Meteorology I (47-250) and Aviation Meteorology II (47-252). The college experience requirement is met by Introduction to Aviation (46/47-102). The advanced writing requirement is met by successful completion of Aviation Legislation (47-321) and Aircraft Accident Investigation (47-463).
**For details on additional required General Education courses, see the General Information section of this catalog.