Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 71

The Department of Physics features a fully approved Physics program that prepares candidates to teach grades 6-12 in Illinois public and private schools. The program is approved by the State Teacher Certification Board, in conjunction with the Illinois State Board of Education, and includes all the requirements for a major in Physics.  Physics majors must declare a minor in Secondary Education.  See advisors in the Department of Physics and College of Education for specific approval and a list of required courses.

Teacher Candidates seeking a Type 09 Teaching Certificate in Science with a designation in Physics must complete the following coursework in the content area as well as professional education courses.  For a detailed description of the courses please click on the appropriate link.

I. Core Courses in Physics Major for Teaching Certification (71)
A. Required Physics Courses (31)
17-140 Fundamentals of Space Science (1)
17-210 General Physics I (4)
17-211 General Physics I Lab (1)
17-215 General Physics II (4)
17-216 General Physics II Lab (1)
17-240 Introduction to Modern Physics (4)
17-300 Mechanics (4)
17-310 Electricity and Magnetism (4)
17-340 Modern Physics (4)
17-400 Advanced Experimental Physics Lab (4)
B. Other Required Courses (40)
02-140 Molecular and Cellular Sciences for Secondary Educators (1)
02-142 Environmental Science for Secondary Educators (1)
02-144 Fundamentals of Earth Science (1)
03-110 General Chemistry I (4)
03-111 General Chemistry I Lab (1)
03-115 General Chemistry II (4)
03-116 General Chemistry II Lab (1)
13-200 Calculus I (4)
13-201 Calculus II (4)
13-250 Calculus III (4)
13-275 Linear Algebra (4)
13-300 Differential Equations (4)
13-320 Topics in Geometry (4)
70-200 Computer Science I: Programming and Algorithm Design (3)
70-180 Computer Programming (3)
C. The advanced writing general education requirement is fulfilled through the successful completion of writing components in Modern Physics (17-340) and Advanced Experimental Physics Lab (17-400).

II. Required Professional Education Courses (35)
53-322 Characteristics and the Development of the Adolescent Learner (3)
54-357 Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Communities (3)
53-312 Instructional Strategies and Learning Communities for Adolescents (3)
53-200 Secondary Clinical Experience I (50 Clinical hrs.) (1)
53-304 Technology for Teaching and Learning (3)
53-394 Pedagogy and Assessment for Effective 6-12 Instruction (3)
53-300 Secondary Clinical Experience II (50 Clinical hrs.) (1)
53-346 Special Methods: Teaching Science in Grades 6-12 (3)
53-329 Approaches and Practices for the Multicultural Classroom (3)
53-360 History and Philosophy of Education (3)
53-481 Secondary Student Teaching (9)

III. Please see Secondary Education/Minor and Secondary Education in Science with Physics Designation.