Undergraduate Course Catalog 2008-2009

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An interview with and consent of the program coordinator is required for registration. The goals of the interview are to confirm that students are serious about learning a foreign language and have selected the language most appropriate for their personal and professional goals and that students with a background in the target language are registering for an appropriate level of instruction.

See offerings in the Course Schedule for the appropriate semester. The usual courses offered include those listed below.

21-200 First-Year Spanish I (3)
21-202 First-Year Spanish II (3)
21-204 Spanish for Heritage Speakers (3)
21-205 First-Year Arabic I (3)
21-210 First-Year Chinese I (3)
21-220 First-Year Japanese I (3)
21-230 First-Year Polish I (3)
21-240 First-Year Russian I (3)
21-250 First-Year Italian I (3)
21-282 Second-Year Spanish I (3)
21-283 Second-Year Spanish II (3)

Other language courses are offered as needed (the last two digits of the course numbers will vary based on the specific language offered):
21-2AA First-Year Selected Foreign Language I (3)
21-2BB First-Year Selected Foreign Language II (3)
21-2CC Second-Year Selected Foreign Language I (3)
21-2DD Second-Year Selected Foreign Language II (3)