Undergraduate Course Catalog 2007-2008

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Minor Credit Hours: 25

This minor is open to non-flight majors. Upon completion, the successful student will hold the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate for Airplane Single-Engine Land and Instrument rating.

After matriculation at Lewis University, students are required to do all their flight training at Lewis.

Required Courses  (25)
47-130 Private Pilot Ground I (3)
47-131 Private Pilot Ground II (3)
47-132 Private Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-231 Instrument Pilot Ground School (4)
47-232 Instrument Pilot Flight Lab (2)
47-250 Aviation Meteorology I (3)
47-252 Aviation Meteorology II (3)
47-331 Commercial Pilot Ground School (3)
47-332 Commercial Pilot Flight Lab (2)