Undergraduate Course Catalog 2007-2008

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Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 69

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management degree is designed to engage students in an integrated and innovative curriculum grounded in practical competencies needed in the dynamic field of IT.  This program offers a combination of technical and managerial expertise that will prepare students to work in a variety of business environments with a sharp understanding of the industry's strategic objectives and management practices.

Unique elements of the program include:

- Students will work on and manage a project as it moves through the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

- Students will manage their project building on skills learned in each course.

- The end deliverable is a complete project e-portfolio (students will store their documentation on a secure Website) which fully documents all elements of the SDLC.

- Students can use their project after graduation to demonstrate their competencies and skills to potential employers.



Applicants should be at least 24 years of age with 3 years of work experience and successful completion of at least 32 semester credit hours or more of college-level learning (credits may be earned through transfer coursework, military experience, ACE evaluated courses, C.L.E.P. or DANTES exams.)


Successful completion of a minimum of 128 semester credit hours.

Completion of 32 semester graded credit hours at Lewis University including four upper division foundation courses and/or major courses (12 semester credit hours.)

Achievement of an overall grade point average of at least 2.00 (C) for all courses taken at Lewis University and a 2.20 average for the foundation and major area courses.

I. General Education (45) (Two Mission-related courses must be taken at Lewis)

II. Core Courses (36)
LA-120 Accounting for Managers (3)
LA-121 Principles of Accountancy II (3)
LB-200 Principles of Management and Leadership (3)
LB-300 Business Communication in the Digital Age (3)
LB-380 Supervisory Management (3)
LE-200 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics (3)
(will satisfy General Education Social Science)
LE-201 Basic Microeconomics (3)
LF-200 Finance for Managers (3)
LG-200 Introduction to Information Systems (3)
LG-230 Finite Mathematics (3)
(will satisfy General Education Mathematics)
LG-349 Statistics for the Decision Maker (3)
LM-200 Marketing (3)

III. Major Courses (33)
LM-376 The Strategies of E-Business and E-Marketing (3)
LW-220 Business Programming (3)
LW-305 Management Information Systems (3)
LW-310 Principles of Project Management (3)
LW-315 Systems Methodology and Design (3)
LW-330 Database Management Systems (3)
LW-365 Outsourcing (3)
LW-415 Web Design Applications (3)
LW-430 Data Networks (3)
LW-450 Enterprise Security (3)
LW-480 Systems Implementation (3)