Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007


Minor Credit Hours: 18-20

Biotechnology can be loosely defined as the application of biological research for the production of goods and services.  The study of biotechnology has recently taken off within the last decade; however, the origins of biotechnology can be traced back thousands of years, well before we had computers or understood how cells work.  Jobs related to biotechnology are not limited to those in the research lab.  As science expands the need for individuals in the periphery trained to sell, advertise, mass produce, patent, and regulate, these technologies also increase.  The Biotechnology minor will provide students, particularly non-biology students, with an introduction to the basics of the scientific end of biotechnology and the broad scope and societal implications beyond the lab that come from the application of biology to society.  Ideally, this additional skill set would make students of any major more marketable to potential employers in the biotechnology sector as well as in other areas where critical and ethical thinking skills are desirable.

All students enrolled in Biology courses must earn a grade of C or better in a prerequisite course to advance to the next course in the sequence.

I. Required Courses (15-16)
02-107 Human Heredity (3)
02-108 Introduction to Human Biology (3)
02-200 Introduction to Biotechnology (3)
02-201 Advanced Biotechnology (3)
02-320 Biometry (3)
13-315 Probability and Statistics (4)

II. One Elective from the following: (3-4)
02-435 Ethics Scientific Principles and Practices (3)
03-122 Introduction to Forensic Chemistry (3)
13-311 Mathematical Techniques for the Sciences (4)