Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2006-2007


Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 89

This program is designed for the student who is planning a career in aviation maintenance management. The successful student will have a minimum of 128 credit hours and receive Lewis University Certificates of Completion for both Airframe and Powerplant. The Avionics program is accessible through several community colleges in the metropolitan Chicago area. Students interested in this program can begin their coursework at a community college and complete their studies with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Maintenance Management.

I. Core Courses (80)
46-102 Introduction to Aviation (1)
46-106 Aviation Fundamentals (4)
46-110 Aircraft Structures I (4)
46-120 Aircraft Electricity I (4)
46-130 Introduction to A/C Structures and Engine NDT NDE (3)
46-135 Drafting and Blueprint Reading (3)
46-200 Aircraft Instruments (4)
46-201 Aviation Physics I (4)
46-202 Aviation Physics II (3)
46-210 Aircraft Structures II (4)
46-220 Aircraft Electricity II (4)
46-310 Aircraft Reciprocating Engines (4)
46-320 Aircraft Systems (4)
46-330 Aircraft Engine Accessories (4)
46-410 Gas Turbine Powerplants (4)
46-420 Aircraft Propellers (4)
46-430 Aircraft Inspection and Engine Testing (4)
47-321 Aviation Legislation (3)
47-353 Air Transportation (3)
47-373 Aviation Safety (3)
47-463 Aircraft Accident Investigation (3)
13-119 Intermediate Algebra (3)
06-111 College Writing I (3)

II. Management Courses (9)
61-200 Principles of Management (3)
61-360 Human Resource Management (3)
61-380 Supervisory Management (3)

III. General Education Courses* (39)

The following general education requirements are listed and satisfied under the core curriculum: The writing I requirement is met by College Writing I (06-111).

The mathematics requirement is met by Intermediate Algebra (13-119).

The two science requirements are met by Aviation Physics I & II(46-201 and 46-202).

The college experience requirement is met by Introduction to Aviation (46/47-102).

The advanced writing requirement is met by successful completion of Aviation Legislation (47-321) and Aircraft Accident Investigation (47-463).

*For details on additional required coursework, see the General Education section in this catalog.

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