Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006


Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 38

I. Core Courses (31)
22-120 Movement and Dance I (2)
22-210 Text Analysis for the Theatre (3)
22-213 Voice and Diction (3)
22-251 Stage Technology (3)
22-257 Makeup (1)
22-271 Acting I (3)
22-330 Modern Drama (3)
22-410 Props Practicum (1)
22-414 Sound Practicum (1)
22-416 Stage Management Practicum (1)
22-427 Career Preparation Practicum (1)
22-431 History of Theatre I (3)
22-432 History of Theatre II (3)
22-481 Principles of Directing (3)

II. Select six hours of advisor-approved electives: (6)

III. Select one practicum elective (1 hour): Courses range from 22-384 to 22-425.

IV. Theatre majors must maintain an up-to-date portfolio of all class and production experience.

V. Career Preparation Practicum must be taken the semester before the final semester.

VI. The advanced writing requirement of the General Education curriculum is satisfied by the Theatre major by successful completion of History of Theatre I (22-431) or History of Theatre I (22-432).

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