Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006


Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 43

I. Core Courses (22)
06-250 Introduction to English Studies (3)
06-300 Writing for the Professions (3)
06-301 Rhetoric for Writers (3)
06-310 Advanced Writing (3)
06-311 Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
06-314 Linguistics (3)
06-318 Writing Center Practicum (1)
06-380 Writing Portfolio (0)
06-425 Theories of Composing (3)

II. Required Literature Courses (9)

One American Literature survey (3) (06-341, 06-343, 06-345), One British Literature survey (3) (06-351, 06-353, 06-355) 06-360, Shakespeare (3)

III. Recommended English Electives (12)

Students choose to specialize in one of the following areas or create a course of study that combines electives from each area.

A. Creative Writing
06-125 Writers’ Roundtable (1)
               (May be taken for up to 3 credits total)
06-303 Stylistics and Grammars (3)
06-307 The Electronic Word: Computers and Writing in Theory and Practice (3)
06-309 Topics in Writing (3)
06-312 Workshop in Creative Writing (3)
06-400 Internship (1-6)
06-413 Advanced Workshops in Creative Writing (3)
06-415 Seminar in Writing (3)
06-420 Literary Theory and Criticism (3)

B. Professional Writing

Students specializing in Professional Writing must take an approved technology-based writing course marked below with an asterisk. 06-307 is strongly recommended.
06-125 Writers’ Roundtable (1)
06-303 Stylistics and Grammars (3)
06-305 Writing for Global Audiences (3)
06-306 Editing for Publishing (3)
*06-307 The Electronic Word: Computers and Writing in Theory and Practice (3)
06-308 Advanced Technical Writing (3)
06-309 Topics in Writing (3)
06-400 Internship (1-6)
06-415 Seminar in Writing (3)

C. Possible Electives from other majors

Elective courses taken outside of the English Department must have the approval of the advisor and program director.
*01-231 Introduction to Computer Graphic Design (3)
10-200 Feature Writing (3)
*10-320 Publications Design (3)
10-335 Advertising Copywriting (3)
*10-382 Web Design (3)

IV. The General Education advanced writing requirement is fulfilled in Program Three by the completion of 06-310 Advanced Writing.

V. In consultation with their advisors in the English Department, majors must submit for review a portfolio of writing. The portfolio represents assignments and projects completed in courses. Students should register for 06-380 Writing Portfolio during the final semester before graduation. Further information can be obtained from the advisor and department chair.

VI. Students majoring in Program Three are strongly encouraged to enroll in an Internship during their final year of study. Further information can be obtained from the advisor and program director.

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