Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006


Minor Credit Hours: 18

The Program Two minor is designed for students who wish to complement their major studies with the study of language and literature.

I. Core Courses (6)
06-250 Introduction to English Studies (3)
06-300 Writing for the Professions (3)

06-310 Advanced Writing (3)

II. Survey of Literature Courses (6)

Students must take one American Literature survey and one British Literature survey. They may select from the course listings below. American survey course (3):American Literature Beginnings to 1860 (06-341), American Literature 1860 to 1912 (06-343), or American Literature 1912 to Present (06-345) British survey course (3): British Literature Beginnings to 1700 (06-351), British Literature 1700 to 1910 (06-353), or British Literature 1910 to Present (06-355)

III. Two English Electives (6)

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