Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

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Lewis University | Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006


Total Credit Hours: 128
Major Credit Hours: 38

Program One is an English major leading to a teaching degree in middle and secondary schools.

I. Core Courses (23)
06-228 Adolescent Literature (3)
06-250 Introduction to English Studies (3)
06-310 Advanced Writing (3)
06-314 Linguistics (3)
06-315 Grammar for Teachers (1)
06-316 Teaching Writing (3)
06-318 Writing Center Practicum (1)
06-360 Shakespeare (3)
06-380 Writing Portfolio (0)
06-420 Literary Theory and Criticism (3)

II. Survey of Literature Courses (9)

Students must take at least one American Literature survey course from the pre-modern period, one British Literature survey course from the pre-modern period and one additional course. One American Literature Pre-Modern survey: American Literature Beginnings to 1860 (06-341) or American Literature 1860 to 1912 (06-343) One British Literature Pre-Modern survey: British Literature Beginnings to 1700 (06-351) or British Literature 1700 to 1910 (06-353) One additional course from the following: American Literature Beginnings to 1860 (06-341), American Literature 1860 to 1912 (06-343), American Literature 1912 to Present (06-345), British Literature Beginnings to 1700 (06-351), British Literature 1700 to 1910 (06-353), British Literature 1910 to Present (06-355). Note:  Students are strongly advised to take a 20th Century Literature survey course.

III. Non-Western Literature or American Multi-Cultural Literature (3)

Students select one of the following: Non-Western Literature (06-334), Topics in Immigrant Literatures (06-346), Native American Literature (06-347), African American Literature (06-348) It is recommended that Program One majors take Non-Western Literature (06-334) in order to fulfill both a department requirement and a teaching certificate requirement.

IV. One English Elective (3)

V. The General Education advanced writing requirement is fulfilled in Program One by the completion of Advanced Writing (06-310). Other writing courses may be substituted by permission:  Writing for the Professions (06-300), Introduction to Creative Writing (06-311), Editing for Publishing (06-306), The Electronic Word (06-307), or writing courses from other departments with the approval of the Chair of English.

VI. In consultation with their advisors in the Department of English, majors must submit a portfolio of writing for review. The portfolio represents assignments and projects completed in courses. Students register for Writing Portfolio (06-380) during the final semester before graduation. Further information can be obtained from the student’s advisor and the department chair.

VII.  English Language Arts majors should refer to the requirements for Secondary Education in English Language Arts: Program One and consult advisors in the College of Education.