Undergraduate Course Catalog 2005-2006

COURSE: 05-240 Instructional Methods, K-9, with Clinical Experience I (25 Clinical hrs.) (3)
The first clinical course examines the components of the elementary and middle school classroom (teacher, student, environment and curriculum) and the interaction between these components. It introduces lesson planning and a variety of instructional delivery models, strategies and assessment techniques, including the adaptation of content through technology or other devices for people with disabilities. Focus is placed on creating a learning community with students and among professional educators and parents, understanding personal biases and perceptions that influence teaching, teaching for understanding and choosing appropriate methods according to curriculum goals and/or IEP goals. Students are required to complete 25 hours of clinical experience in elementary or middle schools. Prerequisite: Pass Illinois Basic Skills Test; 2.75 GPA; Consent of Education Advisor. Offered: Every semester.