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A student may apply to a college having a meteorology major after completing two years in a pre-meteorology program. Colleges with a meteorology major suggest the following courses:

06-110 College Writing (4)
06-300 Writing for the Professions (3)
13-200 Calculus I (4)
13-201 Calculus II (4)
13-250 Calculus III (4)
17-210 General Physics I (4)
17-211 General Physics I Lab (1)

In addition, the student should choose two elective courses in the science area, three elective courses in the humanities area and three elective courses in the social science area. Students in this program will plan each semesterís course of studies with the chairperson of the Science Division. Colleges having a meteorology major expect a student to maintain a 2.50 GPA during the pre-meteorology program