Business Studies, B.A.

Customize your educational curriculum to match your business ambitions.

You are an entrepreneur at heart. You have vision. You just need the academic background to turn that vision into success.

Whether you have an idea you just know is going to take off, or plan on running the family business one day, Lewis' interdisciplinary business studies degree program allows you to design your own individual course of study - the one most effective for your personal business interests.

As a Business Studies degree student at Lewis University, you will:
  • Customize your curriculum to match your educational and career goals
  • Develop the distinct skills and competencies necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving and global market
  • Learn best practices for business success
  • Develop leadership, communication and problem-solving skills specific to the business environment
  • Develop an ethical, values-based framework for decision making
Customize your degree from courses in marketing, communications, finance, law, economics, management and mathematics - and receive the precise education necessary to support your future business desires.

Start customizing your Business Studies degree program curriculum today!

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